Compete with Motorists Worldwide through FIA’s Smart Driving Challenge

AAP members are invited to take up the FIA’s global Smart Driving Challenge, which encourages motorists worldwide to adopt better, safer and smarter driving behaviors.

Through the FIA’s digital platform called Enerfy, a driver’s road performance is measured through an Artificial Intelligence (AI) which converts real-time data into a digital score that will serve as an entry against drivers from various countries.

Alongside the on-board diagnostics (OBD), a smartphone application is also provided that displays a participant’s standing against competitors across the globe. It also highlights daily top scorers as well as heat winners which are both updated in real time.

“The Smart Driving Challenge really makes motorists rethink their road behaviors. By incentivizing compliance with the traffic regulations and safe driving practices we teach at AAP, the challenge cultivates a smarter way of driving that I think the local scene will appreciate,” said AAP Motor Sport Operations Manager Ivan Isada.

International race car driver Marlon Stockinger, who is AAP’s brand ambassador, joined the challenge as one of the chosen team leaders who are tasked to inspire competitors from their country. Launched in May 2019, the entire competition consists of 6 pre-heats and 14 heats and is set to be finished by December this year.

The top three teams and each of their top three drivers get to compete in Paris, France for the finals where FIA’s awarding ceremony will also take place. A participant need not complete all the heats to be able to qualify in the finals.

According to the FIA, smart driving is defined as calm and focused driving, smooth handling of gas and brake, keeping a safe distance from cars ahead of you, and adopting your driving style according to the traffic and weather conditions.

The FIA Smart Driving Challenge is open to all motorists who regularly use a vehicle that is manufactured after 2001 for European models and 1996 for USA cars. For live results, the participant’s smartphone must also be connected to the internet during each drive.

Do you have what it takes to be the world’s smartest driver? Visit www.FIASmartDrivingChallenge.com or AAP’s official website at www.aap.org.ph to know more.

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